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Lobster mushrooms are named such for their appearance, color, and flavor. Add this seafood-like mushroom to stews and side dishes with fish. Try adding to omelettes or sauteing with potatoes and onion.

Also try our other “seafood” mushroom – Oysters Mushrooms.

About dried mushrooms: Dried mushrooms are not supposed to be a dried replica of the original fresh mushroom that magically rehydrates to its original form, but rather should be thought of as a means for flavoring a dish much like a spice. Dried Mushrooms tend to intensify in flavor as they dry, often hardly resembling their original flavor. The magic of these mushrooms is in rehydrating the mushrooms to yield a flavor-filled mushroom stock. The mushrooms themselves can be cut up and used or discarded after the mushroom stock is made. Just keep in mind the textural differences between the rehydrated and the fresh forms. Some rehydrated mushrooms will prove to be more texturally appealing than others, but the flavor will always astound.
Dried Lobster Mushrooms.

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