Our cinnamon sugar is great for all of your baking needs.


Our cinnamon sugar is great for all of your baking needs.  Use it in cookies, muffins, and cinnamon rolls.  Sprinkle it in your coffee or tea or sprinkle it on your buttered toast.  Every spice cabinet should have this delicious sugar spice mixture. Use this mixture with your Belgian waffles, Snickerdoodle cookies, churros, coffee cake and more.

This spice mixture is sometimes referred to cinnamon sugar spice.

Make sure to store in a cool, dark location for best freshness.

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Cinnamon Sugar

Bulk Pack (1/4 lb through 5 lb) – packed in a clear plastic food-grade zip lock bag
25 LB Bulk Pack – packed in a food-grade liner inside a box
Bottle Pack – packed in one clear, plastic bottle with a screw-on top
Pail Pack – packed in one plastic pail
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Gluten Free |Kosher |

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1 Pound Bulk, 5 Pound Bulk, 25 Pound Bulk, 30 Oz Bottle, 140 Oz Bottle, 17 Pound Pail


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