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MySpicer FAQ’S2020-08-13T09:04:09-06:00

Here are some of the most common MySpicer faq’s.  If you don’t find your answer here in our frequently asked questions section, feel free to contact us for more information.

Do you offer wholesale prices?2020-08-13T08:58:42-06:00

The prices listed on the website are the wholesale prices for orders that are less than 150 pounds. If you are planning on buying 150 pounds or more please contact us.  Read more about our wholesale pricing.

How do I obtain specific product information?2020-08-13T08:58:18-06:00

Requests for product information such as specification sheets, ingredient information, nutrition information, gluten information, Kosher information or usage information can be obtained by filling out our ONLINE FORM. Our technical team will make sure to get you this information.

Are your products non GMO?2020-08-13T08:59:02-06:00

Many of our products are non GMO but some are not.  They best way to get this answer is to fill out of product request form with the specific product you are looking for and we can provide the specification sheet with this information.

Do you ship outside the US?2020-08-13T09:29:57-06:00

MySpicer only ships to physical addresses within the United States including Hawaii, Alaska and the US Virgin Islands.  We are unable to make exceptions to ship overseas.  More Shipping Info

How do you calculate your shipping prices?2020-08-13T08:59:43-06:00

MySpicer charges you our UPS negotiated rates for shipping plus a small handling fee (usually $1 – $2). We do not mark-up your shipment or treat shipping as a profit center. We offer extremely competitive pricing on our products and don’t mark-up these so we can cover shipping costs to offer you “free” shipping. Simply put, we charge you what we get charged for shipping.

When should I expect to receive my order?2020-08-13T09:00:03-06:00

Our website is open 24/7 so that you may order when it is most convenient for you. Please keep in mind that your orders will always be processed during our normal business hours (Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Mountain Time). All orders will be processed within 1-3 days. Please allow 3-8 days for delivery. Please allow extra shipping time for orders that are placed over the weekend or on holidays because they are processed the following business day.

Can I purchase The Noodles & Company Smolder from Boulder spice mix from you?2020-08-13T09:00:21-06:00

We get this question often. The Smolder from Boulder is a proprietary blend for Noodles & Company and we are unable sell it to the general public. We suggest you visit your local Noodles & Company to enjoy this signature blend.

Do you offer custom or private labeling and packaging?2020-08-13T09:00:38-06:00

We do offer custom blending with a minimum amount of 500 pounds. Your blend is properly safeguarded to ensure it remains your intellectual property. Contact us for details.

What type of packaging do you offer?2020-08-13T09:01:39-06:00

We offer the following in bulk bags: 1 pound, 5 pound, 25 pound. We also offer plastic bottle and pail pack options for your storage convenience: small bottle, medium bottle and large bottle. Packaging can also be sold separately. Please contact us if you are interested.  Read more about our packaging.

What is your return policy?2020-08-13T09:01:55-06:00

MySpicer is unable to accept returns or exchanges on food products because they are perishable items.  Our products are packaged fresh at the time of your order in bulk packaging.  For this reason, and our high standards in food safety, returns can’t be placed back into inventory.  Read more about our return policy.

What about safety and third party certifications?2020-08-13T09:02:14-06:00

Our professional quality assurance staff spends countless hours ensuring that only the highest quality products are brought into Rocky Mountain Spice Company. We visually inspect products arriving at our facility and we enforce a strict specification program to assure that quality remain the same, time after time, ensuring Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Read more about our safety and certifications.

I am looking for specification sheets for a product, how do I obtain these?2020-08-13T09:02:30-06:00

Requests for product information such as specification sheets, ingredient information, nutrition information, gluten information, Kosher informatin or usage information can be obtained by filling out our ONLINE FORM.

Do you offer free samples to test?2020-08-13T17:05:45-06:00

We strive to be as accommodating as possible but we are unable to provide samples. The majority of our products are offered in sizes starting at just a few ounces. We recommend you order a smaller size to start if you are unsure about a particular product.

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