What is your wholesale spice pricing?

A question that we frequently receive from MySpicer customers is “what is your wholesale spice pricing?”

Answer: All of the spices, seasonings, blends and ingredients on our website are already discounted to wholesale, bulk pricing.

The greater the quantity in your order, the larger the discount.  However, even at 1/4 pound you are receiving wholesale pricing.  We can meet the needs of the home cook or the small restaurant owner with our variety of bulk packaging options.

We sell our products in the following quantities:

Wholesale Spice Pricing1/4 lb bulk
1/2 lb bulk
1 lb bulk
5 lb bulk
25 lb bulk
Small bottle
Large bottle
Pail packed

If you are ordering more than 150 pounds of a product please contact us and we may be able to provide a different wholesale spice pricing structure.

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