French fries are a beloved snack and side dish enjoyed by many. While they are delicious on their own, adding seasoning can take them to the next level. The versatile blend of spices in French fry seasoning can season more than just fries.

Here are 6 great uses for French fry seasoning.

  1. Roasted vegetables: French fry seasoning can be used to add flavor to roasted vegetables like carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower. Toss the vegetables in oil and sprinkle with seasoning before roasting in the oven.
  2. Popcorn: For a unique twist on classic movie theater popcorn, sprinkle some French fry seasoning on top. It adds a savory, salty flavor that pairs well with the buttery popcorn.
  3. Grilled meats: French fry seasoning can be used as a dry rub for grilled meats like chicken, steak, and pork. Mix the seasoning with oil and coat the meat before grilling for a flavorful, charred crust.
  4. Eggs: French fry seasoning can be sprinkled on scrambled or fried eggs for a savory breakfast dish. It pairs well with cheese and can be used to make a delicious breakfast sandwich.
  5. Baked potatoes: Toss baked potatoes in French fry seasoning for a flavorful twist on a classic side dish. Top with cheese, sour cream, and chives for a loaded potato experience.
  6. Tofu or tempeh: French fry seasoning can be used to add flavor to vegetarian proteins like tofu or tempeh. Mix the seasoning with oil and toss the protein before baking or sautéing.

French fry seasoning’s versatile blend of spices extends its use beyond fries to a variety of dishes. From roasted vegetables to grilled meats, this seasoning adds a savory, flavorful twist to any dish. Experiment with different uses to find your favorite way to enjoy French fry seasoning.

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6 Great Uses for French Fry Seasoning