Pink Himalayan Salt is harvested in the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan.  The coarse grain is perfect for filling a grinder bottle. Consider using it for roasting or braising meats and vegetables.

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SALT PINK HIMALAYAN: Himalayan salt is the purest salt to be found on earth.  Pink Himalayan is mined salt found naturally deep within the Himalayan Mountains.  This salt was crystallized more than 200 million years ago as oceans salt settled in certain geologic pockets that have been protected from modern-day pollution. It is hand-mined from abundant salt caves. This product contains many health benefits that other salts do no provide because it contains over 80 minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium and other trace elements that are good for your body.

Use this product in place of table salt.  It can be used on anything you would use regular salt on. Use it in your meals and on steaks and other meats. You can also use it to make sweet potato chips.

Salt Pink Himalayan

Bulk Pack  – packed in a clear plastic food-grade zip lock bag – 5 pounds
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5 Pound Bulk, 25 Pound Bulk


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