Do you know how to make the perfect seasoned turkey?

I haven’t made a Thanksgiving turkey in over five years. We usually travel to see family over this holiday and my sister-in-law is kind enough to host us all and cook the big feast. One of those years we were on a beach over Thanksgiving and ate turkey sandwiches on the beach for our meal. That was pretty cool but still not the same as that delicious turkey to make you sleepy and full.

Since my family is staying home this year I thought I had better start getting my recipes and ingredients together.

Here is my preferred list of the herbs and spices for turkey:

  • perfect seasoned turkeypepper
  • salt
  • rosemary
  • thyme
  • marjoram
  • bay leaf
  • savory
  • sage
  • tarragon
  • basil

Mix the rosemary, thyme, marjoram, savory, sage, tarragon and basil into a blend. Rub it on the outside of the turkey and place it under the skin. Insert your fingers into the skin to make pockets and place the herb mix inside. Also place this mixture inside the cavity of the bird.

Melt some butter and brush it on the skin/outside of the turkey to help it brown nicely.

Sprinkle black pepper and salt on the outside of the turkey to give it extra flavor.

Cook according to the supplier recommended instructions and you’ll have a delicious, seasoned turkey to enjoy.

What do you like to season your turkey with?