/Potato Chip Seasoning

Spice combinations for homemade potato chips

    1. For BBQ Flavor try this product: BBQ Seasoning
    2. For Salt and Vinegar try these products: Malt Vinegar Powder or White Vinegar Powder and Dendritic Salt
    3. For Tangy and Spicy try this product: Sriracha Seasoning
    4. For Sweet (this would go well with yams) try this product: Cinnamon Sugar
    5. For a Savory Seasoning Option try these products: Mushroom Powder and Parmesan Powder and sprinkle some blue cheese crumbles on top
    6. For Cheddar Jalapeno Flavor try these products: Cheddar Cheese Powder and Salt Flour

Our dendritic salt and flour salt are really great for chip applications.

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