Looking for a great way to spice up Memorial Day? Make sure to have these three spices on hand and your backyard barbque is sure to be a success.

Spice Up Memorial Day!

Ancho Rib Rub
Our Ancho Rib Rub is a sweet and smoky blend made with Ancho Chili Pepper. This blend has spicy a kick!  Use as a rub for pork, beef, or chicken. This blend is great anytime you break out the grill.

Garlic Pepper
Our gourmet garlic pepper blend is a colorful, aromatic and an absolutely delicious seasoning! Sprinkle this garlic pepper seasoning on burgers, chicken and fish.

Celery Salt
Our classic blend is an essential ingredient for every kitchen and the secret ingredient to the best tasting potato salad. Here is one of our favorite recipes for Old Fashioned Potato Salad for your Memorial Day event.

Spice Up Memorial Day