This delicious western fish herb recipe was submitted by one of our MySpicer customers, Prince. This recipe is dynamite!

spicesWestern Fish Herb Recipe

Ingredients For The Western Fish Rub

Celery seed powder & Paprika 13%
Onion powder 11%
Garlic powder 11%
Sugar, red & black peppers, granulated lemon peel 4%
Lime powder 4%
Mustard powder, citric acid, dill 2%
Parsley 2%
Chili 1%
Rosemary 1%
Ginger, basil, oregano 51%



Bake your fish in a pan.  Spread olive oil on both sides of the fish, and then sprinkle and pat down the spice rub.  Bake at 350 degrees for 30 min.