Are you making a brisket and wondering about the best pepper mesh to use? A great brisket rub is often the best when it is simple. By adding just a few key spices such as salt, pepper, paprika, and garlic powder you will be able to create the perfect blend of ingredients and spices to provide optimal flavor for your brisket or other cuts of meat. I believe that pepper is the key ingredient to a perfect brisket because of its ability to absorb and hold flavor. There are quite a few options for pepper when evaluating which option is best.

What is the best pepper mesh for brisket?

  • 60 Mesh extra fine
  • 20 Mesh table ground
  • 14 Mesh slightly coarse restaurant style
  • 10 Mesh course
  • 7 Mesh ¼ cracked

10 Mesh Course pepper is the best pepper mesh for your brisket. 10 mesh course pepper is small enough to absorb juices and fat to hold flavor but not so course that you will taste the crunch. In general, 10 mesh is our recommended pepper size for most cuts of meat for this reason.

About black pepper mesh sizes

The US mesh size is a standard unit of measure. This unit of measure determines the number of holes that exist in a standard US sieve. Sieving is a method that utilizes a screen to separate particles into 2 or more size fractions. The larger materials stay trapped above the screen while the smaller materials can pass through the screen. The larger the number of holes per square inch on the screen the finer the pepper. So the larger the mesh number the finer that pepper becomes.

MySpicer carries 10 Mesh Black Pepper in sizes as small as a 2.72 ounce bottle and as large as 25 pound bulk. My Spicer also carries 6 different mesh sizes of black pepper for other applications.

best pepper mesh for brisket