5 Benefits of Using Dendritic Salt

The word dendritic is an adjective meaning of a branched shape or having qualities of a tree. The name of this salt comes from the fact that the dendritic salt crystal has a star-shaped, branch-like surface area. Dendritic salt is a high purity, food grade form of table salt. The purification process creates this star-shaped, porous crystal. Traditional salts have a flatter, faceted surface. The star-shaped crystal offers many benefits.

Here are 5 Benefits of Using Dendritic Salt

  1. Adherence. The star and porous shape of this salt makes it adhere to surfaces much better than regular salts. This makes this product a great choice for potato chip seasoning, popcorn blends or other toppings.
  2. Cost Savings. Dendritic salt has a larger surface area than traditional salt so less dendritic salt is required to fill the same amount of space as other salts. This makes it a great cost-effective option for adding bulk to your blends or for filling containers.
  3. Ideal for Bath Products. This salt retains more than 2.5 times the amount of volatile essential oils as compared to regular salts. This helps scented bath salts retain their scent longer. It also dissolves faster than traditional salt in bath water.
  4. Prevents Clumping. The characteristics of this salt also help to prevent clumping. This makes it a great additive in breakfast cereals, toppings, mixes, blends or any other food product that may tend to clump.
  5. Blending. The branch like shape of the salt crystal gives it fantastic blending properties. The low bulk density of this product means the salt will blend more evenly and not end up sinking to the bottom of your blend for uneven consistency.

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