Did you know that mustard is considered to be one of the world’s oldest condiments? The word originally comes from the Latin ‘mustum ardens’, meaning ‘burning must’ because, in Ancient Rome, its seeds were ground and mixed with grape must (grape juice).

Mustard is fairly simple to make. It is created with mustard seeds, vinegar, water and other varying ingredients such as oil, sugar, and different spices depending on the taste desired. This condiment all starts with the mustard seed. When creating a mustard condiment, there is a difference between yellow and brown mustard seeds.

  • The level of heat in brown and yellow mustard seeds is not the same
  • Yellow mustard seeds are more mild than brown mustard seeds
  • Brown mustard seeds have a much spicier taste

Both brown and yellow mustard seeds are great for pickles and brines, homemade condiments, sauces, and dips.

Can I substitute yellow mustard seeds for brown mustard seeds?

Yes. Just keep in mind that brown mustard seeds are more potent than yellow mustard seeds so you will need to use more (approximately 25%) to achieve the desired flavor.

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Difference between yellow and brown mustard seeds