This past Sunday was warm, sunny and beautiful. Weather like this really puts me the in mood to grill so I went out that afternoon and bought 1 ½ pounds of salmon.

One of our favorite ways to make salmon on the grill is to marinate it in salsa before grilling. As I began preparing dinner, I opened the refrigerator and realized that we were out of salsa. It was getting a bit late and I didn’t want to go back to the store so I would need to improvise.

I opened up my spice cabinet and pulled out MySpicer Rib Rub.  I lightly scored the salmon and rubbed a generous amount of rib rub into the salmon.  I placed it in the refrigerator and let it soak in for an hour.

I grilled up the salmon with the rib rub, sprinkling a bit extra on each side as I turned the flank on the grill.  Then I served it with asparagus and a side of butter and herb rice.  I took a bite and all I could say was “WOW!”  MySpicer rib rub on salmon was absolutely amazing! My 9 year old son ate 4 servings of salmon (I’m not making this up) he loved it.

MySpicer BBQ seasonings and rubs are all fantastic so I expected it to be good but rib rub and salmon are a bit of an unusual combination. MySpicer Rib Rub turned my salmon into a masterpiece!

Salmon + Rib Rub = Perfection!

salmon rib rub

Salmon fully coated with rib rub – I lightly scored the salmon to help penetrate with as much rub as possible


salmon rib rub

Cooking on the grill – I sprinkled more rib rub on as I flipped the salmon


salmon rib rub