Using Dehydrated Carrots

Using dehydrated carrots in your cooking is convenient and easy!

dehydrated carrotsPacked with vitamin A, carrots add color and sweetness to many dishes.  You can add dehydrated carrots to stews and soups. They also work great for stir-frying with other vegetables.

You can substitute dehydrated carrots for fresh vegetables in just about any dish, including casseroles, loafs, pizza toppings, omelets and breads.

Can I rehydrate dehydrated carrots without cooking them first?
Yes. Just soak the amount of carrots you need in cold water until desired tenderness.

How do I use dehydrated carrots as a substitute for fresh carrots in dishes?
Determine what quantity of fresh carrots your dish calls for. Then use the conversion chart below.

MySpicer stocks dehydrated carrots in sizes ranging from 1/4 lb – 25 lbs.

Dehydrated Carrots Conversion Chart

1 lb. carrots 6 medium carrots 2 c. mashed 3 c. shredded 1 c. dried plus  1¾ c. water
2/3 lb. 4 medium 1 1/3 c. mashed 2 c. shredded 2/3  c. dried,  1c+ 2 T water
½ lb. 3 medium 1 c. mashed 1 ½ c. shredded ½ c. dried, 2 T less than 1 c. water
1/3 lb. 2 medium 2/3 c. mashed 1 c. shredded 1/3 c. dried,½ c + 1 T water
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