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Bulk Dry Flavors

We stock a huge variety of dry flavors that can be ordered in bulk. Quantity sizes range from 1/4 pound to as much as 25 pound bulk. All of our ingredients are packaged at the time of your order and delivered fresh to your front door or business. Prices on the website are wholesale.


    Balsamic Vinegar Powder is used to add a tart and slightly sweet flavor to seasonings, rubs, marinades, barbecue sauces, salad dressings, and dry mixes. This dark tan powder holds that same bitter, full flavor of the vinegar itself.

    Beef Base Granules contain natural flavorings with no starch fillers. The granules dissolve easily and can be used in many applications: Au Jus gravy, Bouillon, Gravies, Sauces, Stock Pot, and Hamburgers. Also use as a seasoning for vegetables, frozen entrees, rice, noodles, and beans.

    Delicious Butter Buds are an excellent butter substitute when you want the taste of butter but don't want all of the cholesterol or fat. When sprinkled on moist foods, it tastes very rich and buttery.
  • Sprinkle this delicious white cheddar cheese powder on popcorn for your own special treat or mix with butter and spread on breads. Also use to make cheesy sauces.
  • Ahhh, the taste of cheese! Sprinkle this yummy cheddar cheese powder on popcorn for your own special treat or mix with butter and spread on breads. Also use to make cheesy sauces. Wherever cheese can go, this powder can too. The possibilities are endless!

    Our Chicken Base Granules have no added MSG and makes a rich, clear broth. The granules dissolve easily and are perfect as a flavor booster for other natural stocks. Also use as a seasoning for vegetables, pastas, and rice. It is excellent in gravies and sauces and is commonly used in dressings, chop suey, noodle dishes, chicken salad, creamed chicken, chicken croquettes, and meat loaves.

    Originally developed in France, Dijon Mustard is a secret blend of mustard flour, white wine and herbs. Our version offers you the convenience of the dry form with the flavor of Old France. Try using for topical applications, coatings, entrees, meat dishes, frozen food applications, sauces, seasonings, and dry mixes. To reconstitute to liquid mustard, blend 1 part powder to 1 part water (by weight). Yield: 50g of powder will replace 100g of liquid mustard.

    This powder is light to medium brown in color and will pass through a 40 mesh screen. It is a great replacement for formulations that cannot tolerate added moisture, such as sausage.

    Spray dried Honey Powder is made from honey, and then converted to a free flowing powdered product that yields a pure honey flavor with no masking of flavor. The use of this product will provide maximum honey flavor without the added masking flavor of cereal starches.
  • Our lemon juice powder can be added to any dish where a splash of lemon flavor is desired.
  • Our lime juice powder can be added to any dish where a splash of lime flavor is desired.

    Our Malt Vinegar Powder is a convenient dry form of malt vinegar and works great as a replacement for liquid vinegar in many recipes.

    Mesquite powder is a spray-dried natural smoke flavoring produced by combining malto-dextrin with an aqueous mesquite smoke solution.
  • MUSTARD POWDER (COLMAN'S TYPE) colman's mustard


    Our mustard is made of very finely ground mustard seeds. There is no wheat flour added, and it is just pure mustard seed ground to the consistency of flour. It can be used as the basis of many mustard recipes, including traditional English Mustard.
  • Hot Chinese Mustard Flour (Powder) makes a great dipping sauce for egg rolls, meats, dumplings and other Asian foods.
  • The flavor of orange in your baked goods and desserts is sure to please. Our orange juice powder can be added to any dish where a splash of orange flavor is desired.

    Ahhh, the taste of cheese! Sprinkle this yummy powder on pizza for that parmesan flavor or mix with butter and spread on breads.
  • This white, free-flowing powder adds the flavor of raspberries to your baked goods. Add to muffins, breads, and even pancakes for that tart, rich flavor. It also works well in cold applications such as smoothies. Note: this is raspberry flavoring and not dehydrated raspberry powder. It will provide great raspberry flavor and aroma but will not have the same nutritional profile as dehydrated raspberries. Our raspberry flavoring is very potent so a little goes a long way!

    Our soy sauce powder will add the flavor of soy sauce with just a shake or two. You can mix our powder with water to create fresh soy sauce. It also works great in adding soy sauce flavor in dry seasonings, meat dishes, poultry dishes, marinades and snacks.
  • Vanilla Flavor Powder, Natural & Artificial is an acceptable alternative to the Vanilla Powder for those concerned about the higher cost of the Natural Vanilla powder. The taste of this vanilla powder will really enhance the flavor of your baked goods.
  • The rich, exotic, sweet flavor and aroma of vanilla are distinct from other herbs and spices.

    Our granular vegetable base will add a rich, robust, delicious flavor to casseroles, dips, soups, stews and sauces.

    White Vinegar Powder is used to add a some tart flavoring to seasonings, rubs, marinades, potato chips, salad dressings, dry mixes and more. This white powder holds that same full flavor of the white vinegar itself.  Try mixing this with salt for a dry salt and vinegar blend. Even a small amount of this product can really brighten dishes, similar to a squirt of lemon juice.  Just start with a pinch!

    In powdered form, you can do so many things with this flavor that you can't with liquid form. For instance, try adding this flavor to your own seasoning blends, barbecue sauce, bloody mary mix, snacks, dressings, and marinades. A sprinkle of Worcestershire powder gives a lift to almost any recipe. Great for your home-made BBQ ribs. In fact, it's the secret ingredient in many BBQ rubs.