Food grade flour salt, also known as powdered salt is sodium chloride made in a very fine (flour-like) particle size. This type of salt is considered a food grade product. Because this product has such a high surface area, it can provide a true salty taste with a small amount. The flour-like properties of this product make it easy to mix for uniform coverage and maximum adherence.

Flour salt is a good product for the following applications:

  • Icings and Frostings
  • Dry Soups
  • Cereal
  • Spice Mixes
  • Dry Rubs
  • Butter
  • Cheese
  • Snacks

Advantages of Food Grade Flour Salt

Traditional table salt is not always the best product for creating a dish or food product that has an even distribution of flavor. Table salt can often create random pockets of saltiness. Whereas flour salt has increased solubility as compared to table salt, so the maximum amount of salt is dissolved into a food application, thus optimizing the product for taste, consistency, and texture. The even distribution of the product will create a delicious uniformity in taste.

This salt is also perfect for light applications in salads and popcorn. It will provide a great salty taste without grittiness.

MySpicer sells Salt Flour in sizes ranging from 1 – 25 pound bulk.

Flour Salt