Honey Powder is made from honey, and then converted to a free flowing powdered product that yields a pure honey flavor with no masking of flavor. There are many reasons why the use of honey powder instead of natural honey can be a benefit.

Honey powder is a hassle-free option
Dehydrated honey is easier to use that liquid which can get sticky. Unlike real honey, it dissolves evenly when mixed and also doesn’t provide the honey texture. The consistency is much easier to maintain in powder form.

Honey powder is a great sugar substitute
Dehydrated honey is a great alternative to white sugar because it is a natural sugar that has a lower glycemic index than traditional white sugar. In baked goods it creates sweetness while also providing the same type of consistency as white sugar. You can use it cup for cup as a substitute.

Powdered honey is an affordable natural sweetener
Many other sugar/sweet substitutes can have a pretty high price tag compared to honey powder so it is a good value.

Honey powder has a long shelf life
Powdered honey is especially great for long term storage. It provides the typical flavor characteristics of honey, but without the water and a shelf life of decades if stored properly.

Use honey powder instead of natural honey for your baked goods such as cookie, bread or cake mixes.  It can also be added for extra flavor to hot drinks such as tea. Sprinkle it on your cereal or ice cream for a sweet, delicious taste.

MySpicer carries Honey Powder is bulk ranging from 28 ounce sizes to 25 pound bulk.