What is the difference between curry powder vs garam masala powder?

Both curry powder and garam masala are spice blends that can be added to food for spice, flavor and aroma. Both spice mixes are Indian spice blends meaning they are made by mixing different Indian spices. However, there is no “exact” recipe for Indian spice blends, they tend to be regional and unique. So one curry powder of garam masala powder will be different from another. Variations can be found in Indian cuisine from region to region and cook to cook. The ingredients used in the preparation of a specific dish influence the spices and herbs chosen for the blend. However, there are some overall similarities and differences.


  • Both spice blends are used in Indian food, often both are called for in the same recipe
  • Both spice mixes use many of the same spices


  • These spice blends have different flavor profiles
  • Garam masala tends to have a stronger, sharper and more complex flavor based on the types of spices that are traditionally part of this blend
  • Curry powder is traditionally made with more mild spices
  • Garam masala generally does not include turmeric but turmeric tends to be a primary ingredient in curry powder

Curry powder vs garam masala powder in cooking:

Most recipes that call for curry powder add it at an early stage of cooking whereas garam masala is usually added near the end of cooking so that it not only seasons the dish but adds to the aroma.

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