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homemade ketchup

How To Make Homemade Ketchup

Have you ever tried homemade ketchup? Anyone who knows me will tell you that I love condiments. They make everything taste better. I’ve often said “condiments make the world go round!” I put cheese on my French fries, parmesan and spices all over my pasta and my veggie burgers are covered in pickles, onions, black […]

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Spicy New Year's Drinks

Spicy New Year’s Drinks

Instead of champagne and wine, try some of these fun and interesting spicy new year’s drinks. Below are a few fun recipes that taste delicious and will also keep you warm! Spicy New Year’s Drinks for Adults Irish-Mexican Hot Chocolate This creamy, warm, chocolatey drink has a bit of a spicy kick to it.  It […]

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perfect seasoned turkey

The perfect seasoned turkey

Do you know how to make the perfect seasoned turkey? I haven’t made a Thanksgiving turkey in over five years. We usually travel to see family over this holiday and my sister-in-law is kind enough to host us all and cook the big feast. One of those years we were on a beach over Thanksgiving […]

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Mulled Drink Recipes

Mulled Drink Recipes Mulled wine and mulled hot apple cider are very popular in the fall and winter months. Mulled Wine Ingredients 4 cups apple cider 1  bottle red wine of your choice 1/4 cup honey Handful of MySpicer Mulling Spice to taste 4 oranges, sliced, for garnish Directions Combine the cider, wine, honey and […]

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wedge salad

Pesto Ranch Dressing on Wedge Salad

This delicious recipe for Pesto Ranch Dressing on Wedge Salad was submitted by one of our MySpicer customers, Prince. Pesto Ranch Dressing on Wedge Salad 1. Make up the MySpicer recipe for Ranch dressing. After it has had sufficient cooling time, add 1/2 cup to a chaffing dish. MySpicer Ranch Dressing: (Just add 0.67 cups […]

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homemade pizza dough

Homemade Pizza Dough

Pizza Dough My friend Lori gave me this homemade pizza dough recipe 15 years ago and I still make it all the time.  I sprinkle MySpicer black pepper over the sauce before I add the cheese and it gives my pizza a little extra kick and flavor.  It’s a family favorite! Makes one large and […]

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Great Western Fish Herb Recipe

This delicious western fish herb recipe was submitted by one of our MySpicer customers, Prince. This recipe is dynamite! Western Fish Herb Recipe Ingredients For The Western Fish Rub Celery seed powder & Paprika 13% Onion powder 11% Garlic powder 11% Sugar, red & black peppers, granulated lemon peel 4% Lime powder 4% Mustard powder, […]

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